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12th June 2008

thedrownout1:00pm: Free Concert! Free Merch!

Hey kids...

We're an indie rock band called The Drownout.

We are doing an East Coast tour and are playing


We want to make new friends, so we are offering tickets to our show and merch FOR FREE to people who can help us by promoting the show, giving us a floor to sleep on...you know the drill! Send us a message on LJ...we wanna meet you!


22nd May 2008

iktuspercussion7:50am: iktus percussion concerts!!!

May, 23 2008 at goodbye-blue-monday
1087 Broadway, Brooklyn, New York
9 PM
Cost :??

May, 24 2008 at ETG Cafe
208 Bay Street, Staten Island, New York
8 PM
Cost :??

Check out iktus while sipping your chai latte. We’ll be performing a wide array of music from xenakis to reich and much much more!! Don’t miss this opportunity to here some great music for percussion. All upbeat and intense for any audience!


7th November 2007

kaizersoze124_4:24pm: Neurosonic and Evans Blue at Knitting Factory (NY) and School of Rock (NJ)
I'm a fan of both bands so though i would post it on up. THe more people the better! It is Thanksgiving weekend so I plan on having a good time at both shows!

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20 Nov 2007
School of Rock
South Hackensack, New Jersey

21 Nov 2007
7:00 PM
The Knitting Factory
New York, New York

23rd July 2007

nydecay12:08am: Drop Dead Magazine Issue 4 -

Issue 4 is almost done ladies and gentlemen.

In the mean time you can subscribe or order current issue 3 or for that matter any of the past issues

HERE http://dropdeadmagazine.com/sc.htm

You can also get your band or whatever advertised. There is Still Some Time

Here are some Issue 4 pages for ya:

13th July 2007

nydecay3:22pm: Music Industry on the Run, Synth Mutants Attack!

Preview of Drop Dead Magazines Next Cover . Issue 4 Out in September folks

this is pretty much your last chance to get your ads in to this fantastic magazine. Do you want people to know about your band, store label or club? Well make a pretty picture and put it into here magazine Ads info http://dropdeadmagazine.com/adspay.htm

General questions and advertising inquiries: dropdeadmagazine at gmail.com

What the hell are we talking about , mostly Art Punk I am afraid. There is also Post Punk, Synth Punk, Deathrock, Electro , and all kinds of new music most people will find out in few years about. Do you like being the first? I bet you do.

Magazine Website:http://dropdeadmagazine.com

Here are Dandi Wind, which have 6 pages in the next issue

7th May 2007

nydecay3:08am: Drop Dead Prague 2007

Hey guys if you want to help or be part of Drop Dead Prague in any way please try to find me on instant messenger. I have most of them and the name is "nydecay"


Also dont forget the forum http://www.nydecay.com/community
DDF website http://dropdeadfestival.com
DDF myspace http://www.myspace.com/dropdead_festival
DDF mailing list http://launch.groups.yahoo.com/group/DropDeadFestival

30th December 2006

nydecay12:06am: Happy New Year Every One
Drop Dead Magazine

30th November 2036

nydecay7:02am: Will I abandon those in need of good drinking, dancing, deathrock and debauchery? I think NOT!

2 Drop Dead Festivals this time (2007)?
Thanks to every one who have attended Drop Dead Festivals the past 4 years. We are proud to call you guys our friends and looking forward to meeting all the new people getting involved every year.
Ok so there has been a lot of debate about Drop Dead moving to Europe in 2007.
Great news for all the US ghouls who cant travel to Prague, there will be two festivals this year one in USA and one in Europe so we are not moving away but just getting bigger and better, thanks to all of you.

Drop Dead USA will be as always run and put together by me with help from the rest of NY Decay crew and co-operation with deathrock/punk/post-punk/Psychobilly communities.. The Festival will be in NYC again (there is talk of another one too in another USA city) but I will post details to every one as they come to us. This year I would like more American promoters, DJ’s and fans in general to be involved in pre-production. As always the e-mail is nydecay at gmail.com.

We are taking requests from bands, DJ’s, Vendors, Sponsors and Promoters for participating now. If you get in touch with us now the only way to get in touch with us is through the nydecay at gmail.com. You can reach us also through instant messenger at “nydecay”

Drop Dead Prague, held on Halloween weekend October 26-28 will be a collaborative festival between all the top promoters of Europe and few outside. Me and Pamela from Bat country booking in Prague will be heading the team of promoters. So far we have promoters from Switzerland, Australia, Austria, Denmark, Poland, Slovakia, Germany ( about 5 different promotion groups from different cities) and Holland joining in. I am sure there will be many more and if you want to join us in some way contact us nydecay at gmail.com
Events collaborating to bring you Drop Dead Prague will be announced shortly.

And Don’t forget to check out Drop Dead Magazine, Issue 2 is in stores and avlible from our site now Issue 3 coming very soon

Polina Y
NY Decay Productions
Drop Dead Festival, Promoter
Drop Dead Magazine, Publisher and Managing Editor

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16th July 2006

nydecay2:33am: New Lene Lovich Flyer

These flyers will be here in a week if you want me to ship some for you so you can put them out locally, let me know.

also if you want to post this flyer on your site or help us get the word out through lj or whatever you can use the code below

9th July 2006

nydecay4:58pm: Drop Dead Festival 2006 LENE LOVICH!

Just Confirmed one more Headliner for this years Drop Dead Festival

Lene Lovich

Doing 2 sets- Friday LENE LOVICH and Les Chappell and Sunday LENE LOVICH with the full band

Tickets are nopw on Sale Here : DDF 2006 TICKETS

30th June 2006

nydecay12:40am: NEW Poster-Psychobilly Bands at the Drop Dead Festival

TO Post in your Myspace or website or repost use this Code/ just Copy and Paste

More behind the Cut Read more...Collapse )

13th April 2006

bodog_botb3:43pm: Wassup!

13th March 2006

refreshedkaos9:34pm: Monday March 13th

I am posting this for a band who are stuck in Brooklyn. They had a show tonight at Trash bar but it got cancelled last minute so they are stuck with no place to crash and no money to get to Florida. If you know a place they can crash or any shows between NY and Florida that they could play in the next couple days, email me at krystinkaos@gmail.com

Thanks sooo much!!

31st January 2006

othniel7712:13pm: Amun back to NYC on Feb. 10th


They've been compared to everything from Portishead to the Cardigans, but words fail the reviewer when attempting to fully comprehend the beautifully-embellished quintet that is Amun Ra. High-energy performers with lush, swirling danceable melodies, the band once again graces the NYC area in an all-ages performance.

15th January 2006

nydecay6:00pm: Skulls, Skulls and Teddy bears
So we are getting money together for the next printing of the Drop Dead Mag.
Some one suggested I make a CafePress Shop to raise some money so here it is:
Let me know what you think, this is the first time so feedback is welcome
Here is some examples of stuff in there:

Also if your going to open your own shop use this link will ya? So we can get the referral credit
Design and Sell Merchandise Online for Free

21st October 2005

disassociategrl8:28am: DISASSOCIATE tonight @ the Cake Shop NYC CANCELED
The show i had just put out the flyer for is canceled. Mouth of the Architect had canceled their tour and didn't tell anyone. I believe the booking guy found out via My Space about it...so the whole show was called off.
I apologize for the last minute change. This was all just confirmed last night.

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19th October 2005

disassociategrl11:36am: 10/21/05 DISASSOCIATE and more @ Cake Shop in NYC
Disassociate, Mouth of the Architect, Bloody Panda and BiolithCollapse )
Come rock out, drink and eat cake!!!
Pics will be on my LJ
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nydecay2:57am: 9 Days and counting!
Help us spread the word, please repost!

Why donmt you have your tickets yet?

Hosted By: Drop Dead Festival
When: Friday Oct 28-31, 2005
at 6:00 PM
Where: Knitting Factory and Avalon Club/Limelight
go to http://dropdeadfestival.com
NYC, NY 10013
Drop Dead Festival

Click Here To View Event

28th September 2005

nydecay4:36am: In Just 30 days.....
see you in NYC in 30 Days!

7th September 2005

disassociategrl8:57am: September 8th NYC, EXPLOITED/DISASSOCIATE and others @ CBGBs
DON'T FORGET!!! Don't miss out!!!


Hope to see you there!!! Pics will be in my LJ.

Visit the band: http://disassociate.com
Flyer/Art Commissions, Apprentice Tattoo: http://facabre.deviantart.com

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19th August 2005

disassociategrl12:39pm: September 8th NYC, AWSOME HC SHOW @ CBGBs
A show this awsome requires a little extra prom i think!!!


Visit the band: http://disassociate.com
Flyer and Art commissions: http://facabre.deviantart.com

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